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Will Your Bugout Bag Get You Killed?

overloaded-packThink your bugout bag will get you to your bug-out location?

I’m an outdoor equipment enthusiast. I spend hours watching gear reviews. I’m all about getting the latest gadgets that promise to catch my dinner, make a bonfire and fly a plane all at the same time. (that’s right, McGyver style).

Ok, I have to admit it, I have a problem… I’m a gear junky.

There I said it.

I remember going on hiking/canoe trips where I would bring an extra 20 lbs of gear just so I could use (uhhh play) with my new toys. I couldn’t wait for the first trip into the bush in spring so I could break in my winter acquisitions.

But age, beat up knees and a tweaky back have forced me to rethink having gear just for the sake of having gear. Sure, more equipment made certain tasks easier. But it sure didn’t make lugging it in or portaging it any easier.

Over the past few years, I have put in considerable time and effort reducing my pack weight. And you know what? I enjoy my little adventure way more. And dare I say it, I have become somewhat of a … minimalist.

I’m not saying we should all become gram weenies, but the lighter you pack, the more essentials you can carry. And the longer, further and faster you can carry it.

Borrowing Ideas From Trekkers And Their Obsession With Going Ultralight

Even hardcore survivalists who recommend military equipment recognize the benefits of going ultralight. For them, most bug out scenarios revolve around getting to a bugout location within a few hours.

But what if it takes a week, or what about 2 weeks – on foot? Can they carry 100 lbs of gear and food over rough terrain in bad weather? Can you?

I found these great articles that provide some great tips and tricks that will reduce the weight of your bugout bag.

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