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Have You Practiced Your Survival Skills Under The Right Conditions?

Firestarting-Bark-CollectingDo you think your survival skills are ready for a real SHTF situation?

If you have ever read or heard any survival stories, they rarely talk about folks who were prepared to be lost, hurt or stranded. It’s Murphy’s Law, if we ever find ourselves in a situation that’s life or death, it won’t be what we expect.

And if you watch a lot of survival videos (like me), then you know that most of them are made in someone’s backyard or back woodlot, on a nice day.  And of course, they make a perfect little fire, using dry seasoned wood and perfect tinder.  So yes, the fire starts right away with a stroke or two of a firesteel.

But going out on a nice sunny day in perfect conditions is more like camping and not a survival situation.  The reality is, if you find yourself in a SHTF moment, it’s not exactly going to be a nice, beautiful day with perfect conditions.

If you want to become skilled at survival, you need to practice in the conditions that would exist in a real survival situation.

Do you know if you can start a fire after three days of rain and everything is soaked?  What about if you’re out in the freezing rain?

Cedrik from “Stay Primitive My Friend” provides us with a great video on how to practice our survival skills in adverse conditions – cold, damp, saturated ground, under-dressed and with very limited gear.

Practicing In Cold Weather And Limited Clothes

Here are more related videos from Cedrik on how to start a fire with a bow drill in the rain:

Tips For Bow Drill In Raining Condition

And here he is showing us how to start a fire with a bow drill in the snow

Tips For Bow Drill In Snowy Condition