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Your Ultimate Survival Gear List

Survival Gear List

Having the right gear with you can save your life in a survival situation. So what gear should you have with you? Here is our complete survival gear list that you can use to build your ultimate survival kit. With it, you’ll be able to make it through any survival scenario. Surviving a bad situation […]

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EDC Gear: Professional Brown Leather

EDC Gear Professional Brown Leather

We are way beyond the days when EDC gear was just for survivalists and preppers. Today, it is gear you can take into the boardroom and then out for dinner with your family. It still has to be tough as nails, but now it is gear you can integrate seamlessly into your professional life at […]

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EDC Gear: Zero Dark Basic – From Day To Night Carry

EDC Gear - Zero Dark Basic

Lookis Minimalist Aluminum Wallet Look sharp with this sleek minimalist wallet for your EDC gear. Its RFID blocking protection will keep your card data safe from thieves and their scanning devices. This wallet is comfortable to carry. The aluminum makes for a slim and lightweight design that is much thinner than a typical leather wallet. […]

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EDC Gear: Army Green

EDC Gear Army Green

Make your everyday carry fit your needs. Your EDC gear will vary just as much as there are no two people exactly alike in this world. Take a look at your lifestyle, profession, your daily routine, budget and style, and put together your EDC setup accordingly. At its simplest, your EDC should include what you […]

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The Fire Starting Kit You Can Count On In Any Survival Situation

fire starting kit

Want to know what you should put in your DIY survival fire starting kit? Well, fire is one of the four key things you’re going to need in a survival situation. You may find yourself lost in the wilderness or you may lose your power at home. Whichever the case may be, your ability to […]

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EDC Gear: Nighthawk

EDC Gear Nighthawk

Benchmade Griptillian Folding Knife This rugged folding knife uses Benchmade’s extremely strong AXIS locking mechanism. The blade comes in 154CM steel and measures 3.45 inches long. Weighing in at 3.88 oz., this knife makes a perfect low key and versatile knife for EDC. If you need a sturdy folder that you can conceal during a […]

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EDC Gear: Smooth Tan and Chrome

Best EDC Survival Gear

Tissot PRS 200 Chronograph Watch This Swiss made watch sports a stainless steel case with a silver face, Swiss quartz movement and sapphire crystal. Made as a rugged sports watch, it goes well with work attire but can also pull double duty as a weekend warrior. The multiple chronograph functions make it utilitarian. It is […]

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The Best Lightweight Folding Pocket Knife For EDC

Best Lightweight Folding Pocket Knife

Looking for the best lightweight folding pocket knife you can carry every day? One that won’t weight you down? Every ounce you can cut out will add up. Less weight and bulk means you can move faster and it lowers your risk of people noticing that you are carrying gear. Knife makers have greatly improved […]

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Essential Gray Man Gear: 17 EDC Tools That Won’t Give You Away In A Crowd

Gray Man Gear 1

For those who want to know about the basic gray man gear you can carry every day and not draw any unwanted attention. So, what is the most important urban survival skill in a crisis? Many would argue it is blending in. If you blend into the crowd, you greatly reduce the chances of you […]

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The 3 Most Important Wilderness Survival Skills You Need

Have you ever watched the television series Alone? If you have you’ve probably noticed that some people last several weeks while others last only a few days. Why is that? I mean, these are all people who obviously possess enough knowledge and wilderness survival skills. And we can all hack some level of discomfort. But […]

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