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Category Archives for Skills

The 3 Most Important Wilderness Survival Skills You Need

Have you ever watched the television series Alone? If you have you’ve probably noticed that some people last several weeks while others last only a few days. Why is that? I mean, these are all people who obviously possess enough knowledge and wilderness survival skills. And we can all hack some level of discomfort. But […]

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Will Your Bugout Bag Get You Killed?


Think your bugout bag will get you to your bug-out location? I’m an outdoor equipment enthusiast. I spend hours watching gear reviews. I’m all about getting the latest gadgets that promise to catch my dinner, make a bonfire and fly a plane all at the same time. (that’s right, McGyver style). Ok, I have to […]

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Have You Practiced Your Survival Skills Under The Right Conditions?


Do you think your survival skills are ready for a real SHTF situation? If you have ever read or heard any survival stories, they rarely talk about folks who were prepared to be lost, hurt or stranded. It’s Murphy’s Law, if we ever find ourselves in a situation that’s life or death, it won’t be […]

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