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EDC Gear: Professional Brown Leather

EDC Gear Professional Brown Leather

We are way beyond the days when EDC gear was just for survivalists and preppers. Today, it is gear you can take into the boardroom and then out for dinner with your family. It still has to be tough as nails, but now it is gear you can integrate seamlessly into your professional life at the office. And make you look good too.

Nothing says office professional more than smooth brown leather with a well-worn patina. It’s one of the few things that gets better looking the more you use it. Here are a few hard wearing items that will fit right in at the office but keep you prepared for any eventuality.

Dango Dapper EDC Wallet
Keep your card data safe and secure with Dango’s RFID blocking wallet. The top grain leather adds a classy touch to the 6061 aircraft aluminum shell with mil-spec bolts. Using the aluminum reduces the weight of the wallet to just over 2 ounces. The slim profile is just over 0.3 inches thick with 6 cards inside, making this an easy EDC wallet. The wallet can carry up to 12 cards.
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Nomad Clear Leather Case for iPhone 8/7
Keep your phone safe with this modern looking phone case. You get edge-to-edge protection with clear, semi-rigid TPE combined with tanned Horween leather.
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MMOO B009 Defender Tactical Pen
You’ll have a pen built this tough for a long time. So good thing it looks this good. The Defender is made from 303 aluminum alloy. This tactical pen has a glass breaker in case of emergency and you need to get in or out of your vehicle. The diamond thread design provides a good anti-slip surface so you can take action when you need to. At 3.6 oz ad 6 inches long, this tactical pen will fit right into your day, whether you are at the office, home or out and about. Make this pen part of your every day carry kit.
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Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 Key Chain Flashlight
This is the original quick release micro light launched on Kickstarter by Prometheus Lights. This high quality small flashlight has the aim of being the best keychain flashlight on earth.

Comes in handy when you need a light but don’t want it stuck to a bulky keychain. Simply unclip it. It works by pushing to engage and pulling to disengage. The profile is designed to be snag-free. This little light is a well thought out piece of EDC gear. It’s a great match with the Defender tactical pen with its similar non-slip ridges.
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True Utility FireStash Lighter Multi-Tool
If you want a lighter that is small, compact and inconspicuous, then you need to see the True Ultility Firestash. This refillable key ring canister comes with o-rings which make it waterproof. It provides you with a means to quickly start a fire and it fits perfectly on your keychain. It comes in a dark chrome zinc alloy body. This durable little essential item is perfect for your ultimate everyday carry kit.
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Lemome A5 Wide Ruled Hardcover Writing Notebook
The Lemome Hardcover Writing Notebook is a bestseller for good reason. It’s not only stylish but versatile. Don’t lose a pen again with the built in pen loop. A built in pocket can hold your extra notes, rulers and protractor. The book is banded to keep everything safe. The book’s spine allows the pages to lay flat making note taking much easier. I t comes with 180 pages of high quality lined paper.  A great addition to your EDC gear.
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Fallkniven P Folder Folding Knife
This Swedish folding knife design was inspired by the world famous R.W. Loveless’ extraordinary knives. The Fallkniven P combines advanced technology, craftsmanship and a modern design. It uses 3G laminated powder steel, which some believe to be the best in the world. It has a 3 inch blade and closes to 4 inches making it a great size for an edc pocket survival item. The handle features a Cocobolo wood inlay giving this knife a sharp, timeless, contemporary look. Fallkniven’s reliable liner lock keeps the knife locked and steady.
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Tsovet JPT-TS44 Chronograph Watch
This Japanese made watch can be dressed up or dressed down. But no matter what you do, it looks freakin’ awesome. Nothing is cooler than a solid chronograph with a black face and rugged lines. The quartz movement is housed in a 44 mm 316L aerospace grade stainless steel case. Every component of this watch is hand built under Tsovet’s strictest standards. This watch will become one of your favorite every day carry items.
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